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Updated: Jul 9, 2021

We created this fabrics index to bring clarity on the type of materials (fashion) brands use.

As a consumer, it is often difficult to navigate the labels and understand the impact that a garment, shoe or accessory has when being manufactured but also at the end of its life.

On the other side, as a sustainable brand, it is not always easy to choose which fabrics to use because you need to take into account the sustainability of the materials but also the technical applications / use of the product.

For example, however good linen is, it would be inconvenient and uncomfortable to do sports with a linen top.

So brands have to do compromises, combine natural and man made materials.

Fortunately technology allows to make more sustainable fabrics, such as Lyocell, than their oil-based counterparts.

Here is the Parsol's fabrics index. It will be updated regularly.

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