Make sustainability the new normal.

Parsol aims at bringing together European consumers and brands that share one common goal:
Going towards a sustainable consumption model.


We strongly believe that sustainable companies are a major part of the solution to fight climate change and go towards a more sustainable consumption model.

In order to succeed, brands need YOU. Yes, you. They need support from people who believe there is a better alternative.

You are PARt of the SOLution.


We created this index to support and help those brands by giving them exposure, the exposure they deserve.


At parsol, we want to give you the power to choose sustainable: for this reason, we will always strive to enlarge our selection of sustainable products, to share our knowledge and our grounding values, to involve you in our community.
Join us, shop consciously and inspire others to increase your impact.



“Sustainability is not just about the materials you use, it is about the way you choose to run the business, how you choose to produce, treat people and ultimately what behaviour to support in the society - reinforcing overconsumption or educating the end consumer on impact of mass market and offering the alternative.”

I am Jolan, born and raised in France but truly a European citizen.
I have been living in Amsterdam since 2017.

I was immediately drawn by the city’s vibrancy and cutting-edge lifestyle. Most of all, I was fascinated by how businesses and brands would influence people’s behavior and actions to live in a more sustainable and conscious way. 


I have always been keen on creating something of my own, something that would last and have a positive impact. 

While looking into several options to create an impact company, I bumped into so many amazing companies and brands that I thought “Why not make the bridge between them and people who want to shop and live more sustainably?”.

Because let’s be honest, searching and finding sustainable brands that are really sustainable (hello greenwashing) is a hassle.
You know that feeling, when you have 27 tabs open in your browser and have to spend hours going through every single one of them.

That is why I created Parsol, a platform gathering brands sharing my vision for sustainability to become the new standard.



Parsol is all about transparency. Here, no complicated jargon or shady acronyms, we want you to be in control and choose based on actual and readable information.


Because we struggle dealing with "sustainable" products made on the other side of the planet. 

In Europe, there are plenty of great manufacturers and industries able to make products with the utmost quality.
On specific product categories, we have it all here, why should we go farther?



We evaluate our brands on high standards under 4 pillars:
- Supply chain

- Materials

- Social impact

- Environmental impact. 

Pillars that count, based on actual and tangible facts.

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The conversation around sustainability can quickly become pessimistic once you have a closer look at it. Instead of dwelling on the frustration we want to inspire you - whether you are a person or a brand.