PARSOL  - Participation of Refugees into Social Life
Art Book Contribution by DEMA -II

by Jagoba Lekuona

Despedida by Yorgos Konstantinou

It could be you or it could be me
Self portrait by Tasos Zafeiriadis

Solomon Barkis (Solis)

Vision by Bojana Stankovic

Mare mortum by Rodolfo Carvalho

zou can see this movie also on youtube
(“My name is Alaa, I'm thirty years old and I’m from Syria. Me and my family we left Homs in February 2016, to reach Europe. Now we are waiting in Thessaloniki. 
Many years ago, it drew. 
The anguish in waiting and suffering as I did back exhaust valve. Time goes by slow and dense as our neighbours did not see us”)

The time is a foreign concept that produces feelings on live and feel in many ways, depending on the circumstances and shorter stretches, shapes and molds it. Alaa Dukhan and so many other people living with the passage of time and suffering distress as a traveling companion.

In 2017, with “Stop Mare Mortum” we become more over aware of this long wait, the slowness of time without solutions, when nothing changes, when you do not know where to look.

The 2017 Calendar, for that matter, is backing a proposal. Download a calendar month delivery from theStop Mare Mortum website as a symbol of support of Alaa and those who hope things to change.
The first five months of this calendar by "Stop Mare Mortum" published in solidarity have been offered to the PARSOL project as well.

( The “Stop Mare Mortum” 2017 Calendar )
January. It seems that the boat has lost    
             its way
February.To summarize this would be 
the relocation program of the EU
March. In Syria it's raining bombs 
            and people can not find refuge
April. The World expires
May. It hurts to see people died at the border
while the world fills his mouth with 
human rights, freedom and democracy
PARSOL  - Participation of Refugees into Social Life

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